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  1. Hello Scott

    Thanks for doing this… first, some grammatical corrections… in first paragraph, it states “supposedly to old”….should be “supposedly too old”…. secondly, Glen Rose, is TWO
    words, not one… small details, but important to those of us who live here.

    I was not only present at the opening of the park, which my father (County Judge…1959-1975)) and the Commissioners Court were instrumental in the State Recognizing the value of the area and procured the status of State Park. My father didn’t realize it would be an Evolutionary concept theme at the time (he probably should have, as all Govt. Agencies have had that “bent” for decades)… He was a Christian and believer in Creation.

    I used to play and explore in the “Park” more than two decades before it was ever named a Park
    and was a friend to the Whitacher’s, who owed the land adjacent, at the time. The area known as Blue Hole by locals, which was only a few hundred yards from where the Delk track was “found” and excavated. In fact, I not only saw ‘that’ track insitu, but at least 2 others before Mr. Delk removed it… time was probably 1949-51 when I saw these man tracks the first time……

    This is going to be very good site. I did have trouble pulling up some of the links, but know it’ll get ironed out… Thank you for creating this site… It is, I believe, a much needed rebuttal to all the “evolution” sites that exists.
    Robert Summers

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