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  1. “well done”

  2. Thank you BILLY for sending Footprints…. to me! As a Christian that believes in earth AND heaven as Gods creation, I am compelled to use this documentary to spread His truth! I am grateful for every individual that contributed in any way to this production.EXCELLENT!

  3. Wow, very good Billy,so professional?

  4. good to see that ‘still small voice ” speaking volumes

  5. Can I get a copy of this video?

    • The movie can be downloaded in HD format from YouTube and then burned to a disk. Just make sure that you read and follow the copyright policy at the beginning of the video.

  6. is it poss to get a dvd copy of the original film?

    • Hi David thanks for the question. You asked: “is it poss to get a dvd copy of the original film?”


      I’m not sure if you are asking about “Forbidden History: Footprints in Stone” or the original footprints in stone from the 1960s.

      At this time, I do not have any DVDs of the online video. You can download the video from YouTube in high definition and then burn a copy.

      The original film “Footprints in Stone” from the 1960s was pulled out of publication in the 1980s and has not been available since then. I have seen the original film, but I have no resource to obtain a DVD. I have searched for a place to buy this movie but I cannot find it anywhere.

      Kind regards,

  7. 1.Since we know from the Bible ( 2 Samuel Chapter 21:20) that some giants had six toes, if they found such footprints?

    2.Are there preserved the original footprints or all replicas?

      1. The account given in 2 Samuel 21 was an account that was post flood. If any prints were preserved, they would have had to have been rapidly covered with flood waters during the flood. I am not aware of any prints that have been found that are 6 toed prints.
      2. All of the prints covered in the video are authentic prints in the rock except the Caldwell Track. The Caldwell track is a casting that was taken of the original.

      I hope this answers your question.
      Kind regards,

  8. I knew Paul Taylor and his son Paul from back in the 70’s. I used the original film to show in schools and churches and it helped many. I don’t know why Films for Christ pulled the film. I wish I had a copy. Having said that, thanks for making this file. I will be glad to use it.


    • That is neat that you knew Stan and Paul Taylor. I wish I would have had an opportunity to meet them.
      The reason why Paul Taylor with Films for Christ pulled the original Footprints In Stone out of production was because there was some evidence put forward in the 1980’s, by a man name Glen Kuban, that called into question some of the evidence presented in the original Footprints in Stone. This evidence is discussed on the site here:

      I’m glad that you found the video helpful. Feel free to use this information to educate others.

      Kind regards,

  9. Thanks for the effort putting together such an interesting film. I have a copy of The Genesis Flood by John C. Whitcomb, JR., Th.D and Henry M. Morris, PhD. 1961 which discusses this topic and has copies of the pictures in the film. I can use and share this added information. Where do I purchase a copy of this film? It is interesting to find such an abundance of data on the Genesis Flood I am going to keep studying.

    Kind Regards


  10. Wonderful! Thank you for posting! God bless everyone associated with this effort to preserve the truth from those who would destroy it.

    I just read another website devoted to verbally destroying this evidence. It scoffed that some of the footprints were distorted. Well, I would expect the prints to be distorted by an avalanche of mud and tons of water from the Great Flood, heavy enough to harden the muddy footprints into stone, and to preserve fossils before they could decay.

  11. Very good job, Science Proves God NOT the other way round..

  12. What a load of crap. I hope your readers are endeavoring to get a well rounded education, unlike the what Kent Hovind might provide. Ignorance prevails hear ! Help yourself, help your children. Throw the bible out. Pick up a science book. Learn science. Don’t fear it. Less you be truly lost.

    • I would also encourage a well rounded unbiased education for all people and then let them make up their minds about what they believe. Your comments are very narrow minded, you say “what a load of crap” and “throw out the bible.” Statements like this are uneducated, close-minded, and hypocritical. You seem to have no tolerance for a view different than you own which actually shows that you are close minded. Ignorance does not prevail. Truth always prevails whether in this life or at the time of or death. Truth will always prevail. Life is short and truth will always be the final judge. Kind regards, Jeff

    • Typical the proof stares you in the face and all you can come up with is (what a load of crap.)
      Science V the bible how is it that science follows the bible many many biblical facts are now being accepted by scientist the world over. Evolution is still only a theory and it can never be proven by true scientific methods.

  13. It just shows the lengths evolutionists will go to hide the truth.
    It comes down to us creationist to spread the word of this as the authority’s in education will never agree to this being taught my kids went to a church school here in the UK and they taught evolution as factual.

  14. I appreciate your work and this film, I truly believe that in this time the creation vs evolution discussion will be the Christians last stand. Jesus said that if the people would stop praising that the rocks would cry out and they are. I’ve ordered a lot of videos and books on the subject and am going to start a creation science center in Walsenburg Co. The things I’m learning are weaving themselves through all the preaching and teaching as well as witnessing. There’s an old song I’ve kept in my heart since childhood it says, “I know my Bible is right something else is wrong”, and science is finally catching up.

  15. Wonderfully done, great job. Thank you and may God bless your work.

  16. Absolutely amazing video! This speaks the truth.
    My family and I just spent some time with RC McFall yesterday:)

  17. A casting of the Caldwell track is now available through Cindy’s Ventures.

  18. Thanks for putting the film together. Interesting that the 1830’s German scholars who scoffed at the many civilizations mentioned in the Bible as “made up”, with no other written record then known, Archaeology has slowly dug up nation after nation. The Dead Sea Scroll’s discovery again attested to the accuracy of the Old Testament copies for 100’s of years. Maybe a full scale search and discovery of more human along side of Dinosaur tracks will help bring down the Evolution Religion.

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