The Footprints


Today, the theory that man evolved from the primates is accepted as fact by most of the scientific community. However, if normal human footprints have been in rock that predates human evolution, this provides physical evidence that the theory of human evolution is incorrect.

Over the past 100 years there have been quite a number of reports of both normal and giant human foot prints found in rock around the world. It has only been in the past 50 years that good quality images of some of these footprints have arisen. Click on the the footprint images to be take to an in depth page about each footprint.





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  1. Why doesn’t the bible mention dinosaurs

    • I had the very same question at one point in my life when I was about 27 years old. I was taught and believed what I was told about the dinosaurs (and most everything else) in school and the university. I never really questioned it. In the late 1990’s I began to question many of the things that I had been taught and believed. Regarding the dinosaurs, I have summarized my conclusions in this video.
      Watch the entire video with an open mind. If you have any questions, let me know.

      Kind regards,

  2. The Bible does mention dinosaurs. It calls them “behemoth” and “leviathan” and describes them as having tails like cedar trees. That’s a pretty large tail!

  3. Regarding the footprints being human, they are too old to be human. The Bible tells us that there was a first earth age in which dinosaurs and angels walked on earth. It also says man was created in the image of God and the Angels. Therefore the footprints are of angelic beings who looked just like us. Then the earth was “shaken” and became void, which killed the dinosaurs instantly, but preserved their remains, as well as some of the angelic footprints. Then God created human/man as in the book of Genesis, in this, the second earth age. (And there will be a third earth age when Christ returns.) Human remains can only be traced back to about 14,000 years, while dinosaur remains are millions of years old, proving the earth is millions of years old. The book of Genesis begins, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. (It does not say when this was done.) Then it continues that the earth was void. (God did not create anything void–it became void). Then God set about replenishing the earth and creating man. One has to read the entire Bible before one gets the entire story and can understand why these things happened. Man’s “religious” teachings has greatly distorted God’s word. In reality, the science has proven the teachings in the Bible, but not the teachings of our religious leaders. It is a fascinating read!

  4. Dragons are mentioned in the bible many times. And of course in history, fables, prehistoric rock art carvings. See the Cambodian temple carving that looks like a stegasaurus. The word Dinosaur was invented in the 1841 by Sir Richard Owen.

  5. Excellent video. Thank you for preserving this information for future generations.

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