Aaron Judkins


Aaron Judkins is a researcher, explorer, author, and professional archaeologist from Texas. He is the author of several books including, “Evolution and Human Fossil Footprints.” In this interview, Aaron discusses the world wide phenomena of human footprints in the fossil record.

Aaron has participated in numerous excavations throughout the U.S. and Israel ranging from 12 different dinosaur digs, the Pool of Siloam in 2004 in Jerusalem, & the Tower of Siloam. Other explorations include trips to Mt. Ararat in Turkey and Machu Picchu in Peru.

Aaron Judkins in Peru

Aaron Judkins in Peru

Aaron has been featured on both TV and radio broadcasts, and he hosts his own internet show on Youtube called “Man vs. Archaeology with Aaron Judkins”. His Ph.D. is in Biblical Archaeology.

He is credited with mapping the longest contiguous dinosaur trackway (Turnage-Patton Trail) in the Western Hemisphere near Glen Rose, Texas and discovering a new dinosaur trail named “The Judkins Trail”.

In Search of Noah's Ark on Mt. Ararat

In Search of Noah’s Ark. On the Summit of Mt. Ararat

Aaron started his research in the late 1990’s when he first came to Glen Rose to study the human and dinosaur fossil footprints. He has continued research since that time, and continues on a life-long quest searching for the truth about mysteries from the past and exposing forbidden archaeology & forbidden history.

Website: www.AaronJudkins.com

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