The McFall Family


Emmett Mcfall claimed to have first seen “man tracks” in the Paluxy River in 1923 when he was 28 years old. It was in 1929 that he bought property adjacent to the Paluxy.

Several years later, flooding uncovered new layers of sedimentary rock on his property. This flooding also revealed many dinosaur tracks and some “man tracks.” Through the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s, the McFall’s offered tours on their property to see the dinosaur tracks and the “giant man tracks.”

Emit McFall

Emit McFall

Emmett also had a man that worked for him by the name of Jim Ryles. During the depression, Mr. Ryles removed dinosaur tracks from the river bed to earn extra money. He was known to have removed several human footprints from the river as well. Read more about Ryles here.

In the late 1960’s, the McFalls allowed part of their property to be excavated in an attempt to uncover fresh human footprints and a documentary titled “Footprints in Stone” was produced by the Rev. Stan Taylor. Fresh new tracks were uncovered and documented. This trail of footprints came to be know the Taylor trail. Read more here.

Emmett and RC McFall

Emmet and Jacob McFall

The McFalls have owned the same property since 1929, and both Emmett, Jacob, and RC all attested to the validity of the human footprints in stone.

Over the years, the McFall family has been very open and helpful in allowing excavations to be carried out on their property.

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  1. Mr. McFall was very kind to me and showed me his rock that had a human and dinosaur print in it in the early 60’s. I was premed at Arlington State College and tried to get a profession to go with me and look at it. I think he was afraid to go with me and had many excuses. What I saw was real and could not have been carved or faked. Thanks

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