Carl Baugh


Dr. Carl Baugh is the founder and director of the Creation Evidence Museum of Texas. Dr. Baugh came to Glen Rose in 1981, as a graduate student, to excavate some of the dinosaur tracks. Dr. Baugh was a Christian but believed in evolutionary theory and also believed man and dinosaur were separated by 65 million years of time. He was not expecting to discover the shocking revelation that would change his paradigm.

During his excavation, Dr. Baugh discovered a human footprint along with dinosaur footprints. In this video interview, Dr. Baugh recounts his initial discovery and much of the history surrounding the Paluxy River human footprints.

Because of the discovery of human footprints, Dr. Baugh decided to settle in Glen Rose and dedicate his life to the study and search for evidence of man in the fossil record and evidence that supports the Biblical account of creation and the flood.

Over the past 30 years, Dr. Baugh has accumulated quite a number of creation evidence artifacts in his museum, and currently, the main project at the museum is the development of a hyperbaric biosphere which will be used to simulate the preflood environment so that experimentation and testing can be carried out.

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  1. Michael Heiser thinks it’s all imaginary and false, done for cheap entertainment?

    • We wanted to take a serious look at the subject. We went to Glen Rose and spent 4 days there researching and interviewing local citizens. This was done for the purpose of thoroughly documenting what was know about the subject and getting interviews before folks in the local area who were familiar with the subject died. I am glad that we had the opportunity to do this research and think that is informative and helpful for those who are searching for the truth.
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