Billy Caldwell


Dr. Billy Caldwell, a geologist from Fort Worth, Texas, had his first encounter with the human tracks from the Paluxy River in 1965.

Mr. Caldwell was in the building stone business and one day in 1963 or 1964, one of his stone suppliers (Bill Osborn) from Glen Rose showed up with something he had found and extracted from the river bed. Mr. Caldwell walked around to the back of Mr. Osborn’s truck and was surprised to find a large Cretaceous rock with a human footprint in it.

Watch the interview to hear Billy Caldwell’s personal testimony about this account and others.
As a Geology professor during the 1970’s and 1980’s, Dr. Caldwell used to take his students on field trips to the Arbuckle Mountains and the Paluxy River. It was in Glen Rose that Dr. Caldwell met Emmet McFall and Cecil Dourghty. Emmet McFall and Cecil Dourghty showed Dr. Caldwell other fossil human footprints.

In our interview with Dr. Caldwell he described the human footprints the he encountered.

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  1. Thanks Billy & Carolyn for your newsy Christmas Letter. I watched this video and found it very interesting. Eloise and I are learning more about you and your travels which we look forward to each Christmas. Keep up the good work. We are proud to know you and hope that our paths will cross and meet sometime in the future.
    Stan & Eloise Davis (Wisconsin / Florida)

  2. Absolutely stellar interview! Thank you for sharing your heart with the listeners…(smile). I just love learning, even though very late to class! I pray our Father continue to bless and protect you and yours.

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